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Electric Vehicle.

Clemenisle Inc.

37F, LKG Tower, 6801 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226

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Verification of new public transportation service using E-Trike (Electric Vehicle) is conducted at Intramuros, Philippines. Intramuros is the oldest district and historic core of Manila, Philippines. E-Trike runs through the city which preserves vestiges of those days.

Clemenisle Inc. supports the project.

About us

Regular Operation
Route Map

E-Trike is 3 wheel electric vehicle showing cute and retro atmosphere. During the regular
operation, it covers main spots in the city around 25min. It is operated every 2 - 5 min
interval from 7AM to 7PM and there are 13 EV-stops.
Please buy the ticket from ticket seller inside E-Trike.

Fare per a ride
Adult                 PHP 25
*Student             PHP 20
*Senior               PHP 17.50
(* require ID)

Chartered Operation

Chartered E-Trike service helps design your own route and schedule among historic
landmarks and shopping areas.
Our driver helps the sightseeing become more comfortable. Explore your own Intramuros!

Fare   PHP800 per 1hour
(E-Trike is 6-seater and is operated  within Intramuros.) 

Please book from Booking page. You can also contact,

Michael Concepcion


E - Trike

Route Map
electric vehicle (電気自動車)(E-Trike) runs sightseeing area (観光)of Intramuros(イントラムロス). Clemenisle-ev(クレメンアイル) supports the EV project. This is Manila Cathedral, waiting point of charyered E-Trike..
Manila Cathedral
Manila Cathedral

We meet and start from here, Manila Cathedral!
It is venerable church in which  the original structure was built in 1581 under the period of Spanish rule. It went renovation in 2012 and reopened in 2014. In January 2015, Pope at the time visited the place.

This case would take about 3h.

Sample Tour

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Clemenisle Inc.

37F, LKG Tower, 6801 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226

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